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November 17, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Note: This is a rough draft of a chapter in an upcoming story. This chapter has not been polished and is still in the beginning stages of editing. Know that there will be many changes made in the final version of this written piece. Just a fair warning: grammatical errors may be present and therefore it may be awkward/difficult to read since some of the wording may not sound appeasing to the ear. Though, I hope that you enjoy this preview none the less. Thank you.

Your eyes remain closed but you can feel the furs shifting as your built mate mounts you. A quiet gasp emanates from you as Ludwig pushes his hard shaft deep inside of you, your walls tighten around it as he fills you to the core. "Ludwig," you quietly whimper as he places his hands onto your hips and raises your buttock into the air. The German lycan slowly begins to thrust into you, gently, in and out. Your [e/c] eyes remain shut as you moan quietly. Your hands ball into fists as you clench to the furs beneath you. Your chest remained against the bed, your breasts tightly pressed and pushed up because of the pressure. Ludwig begins to pant as he gradually begins to pick up the pace of his thrusting.
After a while, your mate hunches over you and presses his muscular chest against your back, still remaining deep inside of you despite the adjustment of position. He slides his massive hands under you and grabs a hold of your plump breasts, taking one in each hand. Ludwig places his lips right next to your ear, his hot breath making your skin crawl in arousal. "Let's try again," is all he says before biting into your neck. You cry out in pain at the sudden bite. However, Ludwig still keeps his fangs latched in the sensitive skin of your neck, drawing some blood.
He begins to thrust harder and faster, slamming deep inside of you every time. Sweat coats your naked bodies as the two of you rub against each other, the body heat and friction making the both of you drenched. A massive blush appears on your face as Ludwig pinches your hardened nipples, earning a loud moan from you. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoes against the walls of the cave, mixed with the erotic moans of you and your partner. Faster and faster Ludwig goes, showing no signs of mercy or slowing down. His lips still remain latched to your neck as he eagerly pounds into you, your skin turning purple and discoloured as he never ceases the rough bite. Your mate's animalistic side was kicking in and you knew how rough he got during mating. It was in his nature and in yours as well.
Despite the pain you fell, Ludwig makes up for it with immeasurable pleasure. You thoroughly enjoy how he takes you, never slowing and never easing. Being under him and being embraced by his strong arms makes you feel safe and protected. The love you two shared made you both inseparable from one another. "Aah! Lu-Ludwig!" You cry as you feel the skin on your neck vibrate from his disgruntled moan. You open your eyes and shift under him as you feel his warm seed explode inside of you, fertilizing your womb. Though, despite his climax, Ludwig continues to thrust. His panting is hoarse as he unlatches his canines from your very discoloured neck, a swelled bite mark lingers where his teeth were once sheathed.
The German flicks his wolf ears back and lets go of your breasts. He wraps his arm around your neck and places his hand on your chin. The blonde lycan slides some of his fingers into yours mouth and grabs a hold of your slippery tongue. You shut your [e/c] eyes tightly and feel your face begin to heat up as Ludwig forces your mouth wide open. Drool and saliva coats his fingers as he slides his digits along your wet muscle. Drool also drips down your chin and the side of your gaping mouth. Ludwig uses his other free hand to support himself so that he doesn't crush you. The Alpha male begins to thrust once again at an unimaginable pace, causing you to bounce forward and back on the bed of fur.
The amount of force Ludwig uses is painful and soon your womanhood feels bruised and sore, making the experience feel more animalistic and raw. "Hnn... Oh, _____," Ludwig moans. After a few minutes, a wolf-like growl grumbles from the back of your mate's throat as he releases into you once again. This time, you release with him. With your [h/c] wolf ears dropping, you let out a loud, strained and muffled moan. A blush appears on your face as you open your eyes in a half-lidded manner. Ludwig keeps his erection inside of you, the white liquid which he excreted over flowering your womanhood and coating his massive member as well as your inner thighs. "How... is he still hard?" You wonder.

The cave remains silent aside from the panting coming from you and Ludwig. Your mate lets go of your tongue and wipes the saliva off of his hand. He slowly pulls out of you and turns you onto your back. You both stare at each other through half-lidded glowing eyes, your chests heaving for breath. Ludwig stares down at you lovingly with his glowing blue eyes, running his fingers through your [long/short] unruly [h/c] hair. The Alpha gently runs his hands over your [h/c] ears and tiredly smiles.
The blonde lycan leans down on his elbows, pressing his chest against yours. Your breasts are squished against his his toned chest as he passionately kisses you. Meeting his kiss, you rest your hands on his broad shoulders and perk your [h/c] wolf ears. Ludwig's bushy blonde tail sways from side to side, happily wagging as he closes his eyes. The Alpha soon slides his massive hands down your thighs and spreads your legs apart, pushing his erection back into your sore womanhood. A yelp escapes you and causes you to pull out of the kiss. "Vhat's the matter,_____?" Ludwig asks quizzically.
You shift uncomfortably under your mate. The feeling of him being inside of you while sore is unpleasant. "I-It hurts, Ludwig," you quietly whimper. "You... want to go again?" Your mate quietly whimpers as his large blue eyes quiver. His frown kept twitching as if he were to cry and his eyes were glossy. He knew you couldn't resist his 'look' and so you sigh in defeat. "O-Okay... You win," you hesitantly say.
In a flash, Ludwig's ears perk up and his tail wags frantically as he begins to pump into you once again. On his elbows, he leans down and gives your cheek a kiss as you whimpered in pain. "It's alright, leibe," he whispers reassuringly into your ear as he thrusts. "This is zhe last round." After a few more minutes, the both of you cum for the third time. You being to relax as you feel Ludwig's erection beginning to ease. "Ah, finally!" You think to yourself in relief.
The built German gently pulls himself out of you and lay onto the fur pile next to you. He grabs one of the fur blankets and pulls it over the both of you, covering your naked, sweat-covered bodies. Ludwig shuffles over next to you and holds you in his buff arms. You hug him back and smile as the animal in your mate subsides. You quietly listen to his breathing and close your eyes, letting out a yawn. Ludwig runs his fingers through your messy and knotted hair, massaging your head gently. "Mm~ Ich liebe dich, _____," he purrs in your ear.
You press your face into his chest and take in his wonderfully strong, overpowering and dominant scent. "I love you too, my love," you whisper back.
Germany x Reader - Just Animals | Part 1: [link] (This is the story where the lemon will take place.)

Edit: Link to story summary [NO SPOILERS] => [link]

Edit: Pardon how I changed the warning from 'Mature' to 'Strict.' The reason I did so is because I found this written piece to be very, very mature. I've also been reading journals about "Lemon Reporters" so I've kinda become paranoid. Taking a second glance at this Lemon I've realized that it is quite raunchy and I can definitely see it getting reported in the future. So, forgive the change and I am sorry if you cannot read it. But keep in mind that this is just one part of the entire story. You can still read the rest. I may consider posting this part on another website... if I can find one. So, once again forgive my course of action. I may leave more light-hearted Lemons on just a warning but this one was just... really out there.

To help you 'envision' what the scene looks like:

Both you and Ludwig are nude and are preparing to sleep in a small cave that the both of you have established as your home. In the middle of the cave is a thick pile of soft, cozy furs that are the equivalent to that of a bed. You both live in a dense forest and have the ears and tail of a wolf. Ludwig is your mate and you are his. You're both lycans. BOOM! The End. :stare: But not really...

P.S - You are sleeping on your tummy at the very beginning! So... Ludwig's mounting ya from, like, behind on your back. I'm just making sure you're not confused. :stare: You know where this is going...

Edit: Okay. For those who don't know, Lycan is short for Lycanthrope which is a term for 'one who is half-human and half-beast.' In this case, the half-beast part of you in this story is part wolf. (Thanks for the correction, m00nlight101!)

YOU ARE NOW INFORMED! :icongwahplz:

This is just another WIP of a story I'm writing.

Enjoy. :stare:

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